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Disney gaat richting Quatar

Di 04 Okt 2011, 21:15

Ook uitbreiding richting Quatar zou op het programma kunnen staan.

Forget the franchise, international expansion is the keyword of the Bob Iger regime. The latest nation to receive the Disney-brand upon its shores is Qatar. The Lulu Hypermarket at Al Gharaffa will now be stocked with Disney branded merchandise. I have a hard time believing that Disney merchandise wasn’t sold somewhere in Qatar before now, but the story makes it sound like this is a bigger deal.

It’s only a very tiny foothold in that region, but you have to wonder what is coming next. With FIFA deciding to hold the 2022 World Cup there, it’s obviously a nation on the move. But with the Arab Spring, I have to wonder about Disney getting in bed with a monarchy. Of course, given where Disney manufacturers most of its merchandise, maybe they have larger things to worry about first.

bron: http://thedisneyblog.com/2011/10/02/dis ... nto-qatar/
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